Sunday, September 7, 2008

Palin church promotes converting gays

"Gov. Sarah Palin's church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer."

What?! I didn't even finish reading the article. I read this and I was offended. I honestly was, even though I'm not gay. I felt for my friends that are gay, I will fight this to the end. This BITCH will not make it into the white house. She will not, she can not. This conservative scum needs to open her eyes and accept other people for the way they are. This is just as bad as racism and sexism, perhaps worse.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time for Change....and I don't mean Obama

People are afraid of change. People are afraid of things different than their own. This has been the story of human history. Every war which has been fought, every political debate that has been controversial can all be traced back to my theory. The most beautiful thing about our world also causes problems for us. I am talking about diversity. We see diversity everywhere, from our work place to our school, in our neighborhoods and in the media. We are so lucky to have such a diverse world. But this diverse world creates humans with opposing views. Those opposing views create problems and war. There will always be people willing to change the world but there will also be people afraid to change the world.

Think of any war, for example. Let’s use the Civil War, The south did not want to accept black people as regular humans and wanted them to continue being slaves. They did not want to change the status of black people because they were afraid that it would cause a change in the way they lived their lives. The north was willing for the change, perhaps they may have not been ready for it, but they were, at least, willing to change. Add some guns and anger to this problem and we have a war.

Let’s take another problem, like the environment. We have to stop using gasoline to run our vehicles, and that is the bottom line. We have just begun to use other methods of powering vehicles. Such as Chevrolet’s Flex Fuel vehicles that run on Ethanol (which is basically corn) and we also have Toyota’s powerful hybrid led by the popular Toyota Prius. But what’s the issue at hand? Why can’t we just stop using gasoline? We have the ability to do so. The reason is change. People are afraid their way of life will drastically change. They will no longer be able to run their beloved 1969 Mustang or their mean-looking 4x4 truck. What will happen to sporting events that rely solely on gasoline such as motocross and nascar? I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to change those sports in order for us to keep our world and our lives healthy and happy.

Let’s talk about an issue more relevant to states that border Mexico. What is the big deal with illegal immigrants? “They come and take our money, our welfare our jobs….etc.” My answer to that is: SO? Is it directly affecting those American citizens who complain? No. If all the illegal immigrants leave will you have to pay fewer taxes? No. Will you take the jobs they are taking? No. And, to be quite honest, Americans took the land from Mexico plus they are indigenous to this continent. The problem is this: Illegal immigrants—and regular immigrants, for that matter—are coming into the U.S. at a surprisingly fast rate. They come into the U.S. with their culture and religion, changing cities and even states. The people living in those states do not welcome the change because it will threaten their way of life. They are afraid that change will be bad and therefore they don’t accept it.

Think about it. Use any example. All wars have been fought because people don’t want to accept change or something different. My advice is to change with the world. How boring would it be if we were all the same color and we were all the same culture? If the Chinese didn’t have buildings with cool, curvy roofs or if the Aztecs didn’t have those tall stone pyramids. How boring. We are blessed with diversity and with a changing world. We, as humans, must change with the world in order for us to advance and live happily. We must accept views, ideas, lifestyles, food, culture, race, ethnicity different than ours. We must accept it. Change is inevitable, let’s be part of the change instead of preventing and being afraid of change. It’s time.
Honestly, perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps I'm just a fool. I began to think about this when I was the recipient of online racism. Why would people think badly of me or not accept me? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.