Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BitterSweet Moment

Well, the day after the election.

Very happy that Obama won the presidency. Once I found out that Florida went to Obama I closed my laptop because I knew the race was over. CA was guaranteed to go to Obama which would push him over the top to win the
 election. McCain could have won the rest of the states and wouldn't have mattered.


My President: Brack Obama

Also, very very sad that Proposition 8 passed. This would have an effect on me but it would have a major effect on my community and some of my friends. I'm very disappointed. I hated, HATED how supporters of prop. 8 stated that they wanted traditional family values. Since when do gays/lesbians not have family values? All people should have the right to marry whomever they like.

OH, by the way, someone is born gay/lesbian/bisexual. Someone doesn't just become gay, many religious people believe that being gay is a choice. 


Anonymous said...

"Religious" people & gays/bis/lesbians have more in common than you might think. There's alot of labels, stereotypes, misjudgements going both ways. It takes being one to know one, especially to judge one.

Regardless of whether it is genetic, we all have innate traits, whether it is nature or nurture, to murder, slander, covet, be greedy, steal, lie, etc. etc. and it doesn't make it OK. That also doesn't make it OK to hate someone because they have qualities that are not the "norm" or "ideal".

It does boil down to whether one chooses to seek the Truth; not subjective truth, not to believe whatever we want from a smorgasbord of beliefs, but to really seek Truth...to seek God sincerely, and find out who God is, and who we are, and what our lives are about.

Ideally, "religious" people should love those with "alternative" sexual preferences just as much as themselves, or anyone else. And those who are so socially and humanistically "cool" in accepting everything and everyone in the most liberal of ways--they need to see how awfully they are misjudging the "religious" people for being as stupid as their superficial stereotypes are.

Ultimately it all boils down to the relationship between an individual and God. In the end that's what counts.

Valerie said...

Hi. Stumbled on your blog looking for Vallejo t-shirt images. Didn't use any from your blog, but I stayed here awhile, enjoying your astute comments. Very readable blog!
Of course by now you've checked out Keith Oberman's commentary on the passage of Prop 8...