Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why the racism?

Well, it seems like Mexico just made its first car. 

The Mastretta MXT is a super coupe tha
t was designed, manufactured and eventually produced in Mexico. Mexico has finally made their own vehicle and they made it in style. The Mastretta MXT is meant to be a challenger to the Lotus Elise and Exige. Small car, with a huge engine for it size. 

Mexico successfully created a car that is quick in acceleration, quick in corners and turning but slow in top speed. Mexico also is targeting the European market because there are no emission test, the car has to pass in Europe (which is why we don't so many european cars in the US.)

So, the car is fast and it looks good. Is it another car to add to our Dream Car Wish-list? 

Well, you would be surprised. 

I visited many sites that wrote articles on the car, and the comments were extremely offensive.
such as:

"mount a lawnmower blade under one of those bad boys and jose will have my lawn done in a mere seconds"

"No way they did this by themselves, they probably stole the design. Besides, it will never sell in Mexico, it can't fit 7 people in the front seat"

"I heard the exhaust is going to smell like refried beans"

"This will be a complete failure, Mexicans can't do anything good but cut lawns. It's not meant to be."

"Haha, fucken beaners attempting to be smart and civilized, nice try beaners but you will never succeed" 

Not only was I offended, but I was also shocked that the website moderator did not block or delete those comments.

I hate the internet for that reason, these people hide behind a fictitious screenames, and they begin to say things they wouldn't normally say in real life. Not just about Mexicans (although I would argue that it happens the most to them)  but also happens with Blacks and the LGBT community.

Stuff, like this just makes me sad.

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