Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I think it's over.....

Time to pack up my "Hillary 08" button and clothing. I'm a die hard supporter of Hillary but it just seems like its' over for her. The U.S. holds last few primaries tomorrow and Hillary needs to win by a huge margin. For Hillary to win tomorrow:

she needs 94% of the 193 super delegates to stand behind her.

If, by a miracle, she succeeds in winning 94% or more of the super delegates, she still won't reach the magic number of 2,118 delegates but she would have more than Obama. If she loses by anything less than 94% of the super delegates then Obama is the 2008 Democratic Presidential nominee.

How did I do this math? easily. Go to cnn.com and there is a section called, "Do the Math" it is a very simple site in which you control the percentage of super delegates that can pledge to either Obama or Hillary. The website then calculates how many delegates each candidate would get. (So in reality I didn't to the math, but cnn.com did, haha). Only at 94% did Hillary beat Obama on pledged delegates. Anything less and Barack wins.

I believe that in the next 72 hours (and that's a huge window)we will have our Democratic Presidential Nominee. I won't be happy, but I will still back up Obama.

I hope that Hillary supporters, like myself, don't react negatively to Obama's win which may cause McCain to win the presidency.

It's sad, you know, because Hillary won the popular vote (she won the huge states: CA, NY, FL) and if you think about how democratic is a country in which the people vote for a certain moniee but then another nominee wins? Than again, that also sounds like the 2000 election, in which Gore win the popular vote but Bush won the electoral vote.

All in all, I hate to say this, but: I support Obama.


Anonymous said...

It is over. Obama has a chance against McCain. Hilary would have gotten slaughtered and that's the truth. Obama is the only chance liberals have and if he wins, it's going down in history. Go Obama.

Carlos said...

Yup, the dream is over. OBAMA!!!!

You think she'll go for Obama as VP?

Alex Rosales said...

hopefully Hillary gets the VP nomination