Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How many homes foreclosed in you neighborhood?

I love the San Francisco Chronicle. It is a really good source for alot of information regarding the Bay Area and sometimes California.

The SF Chronicle works on databases that can be accessed by any computer. They have databases that show how much professors at UCs make. I was able to look up all of my professors at UCI. They all make over $200,000.

The most recent database, is a bit shocking. The database shows foreclosed homes in your neighborhood (only avilable for the Bay Area). I was able to look up my neighborhood. Here is what came up.

Vallejo (94589): 26 homes foreclosed in my neighborhood,

Total homes foreclosed in Vallejo: 100

Total homes foreclosed in Solano County: 283

San Rafael (94901): 4 homes foreclosed

Total homes foreclosed in San Rafael: 7

Total homes foreclosed in Marin County: 21

Can you see the differences?

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