Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When do jokes cross the line?

Everyone is talking about it.. the cover of "The New Yorker."

So what does a very-liberal-former-Hillary-supporter-but-now-Obama-supporter think about it? I'll tell you.

(Let it be known, however, that I never became the national spokesperson for the Liberal Obama supporters of America, these are just my thoughts.)

I think it was stretch for The New Yorker to post such a far right cartoon as its cover. The cover has all the things that far-right conservatives hate:

1.) A non-patriotic American minority in office (portrayed by the way Obama is dressed)

2.)Flag burning

3.)Osama bin Laden

4.)A strong black woman willing to fight for their rights (almost looks like a black panther)

far right conservatives would just rather have another white president (which isn't a problem with me as long as he is a Democrat :p)

besides that, it also shows the ignorance of the people that think Obama likes the middle east or can relate to it just because his middle name is Hussein. Like that bitch, Ann Coulter. (I'm so sorry for my language, but I can't really type what I think about her.)

No wonder both McCain and Obama denounced the cover as unnacceptable.

What are your views?


Anonymous said...

I believe the New Yorker also crossed the line. Jokes like these aren't funny and they reinforce the incorrect thoughts people have about certain candidates, in this case Senator Obama.

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back blogging