Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just stealing money........

Paul Dahliwal, shown here in the photo, is a survivor of a tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo.

Paul is the younger of two brothers who were attacked by a tiger about one year ago. Paul was with his brother and a freind. The freind died at the scene.

The family of Paul and Carlos Sousa (the freind who was killed) are preparing to sue the San Francisco Zoo for suffering serious injuries and emotional harm.

That is the basic story, but I'm not sure I quite believe this to be true. Paul has recently been sentenced to jail for stealing, possesing marijuana and for leading police on an 140mph chase. Something makes me believe that when they went to the zoo they weren't behaving like angels. Many witnesses at the zoo that fatal day said that the three boys were taunting and harrasing the animals.

I don't believe that it is completely the zoo fault for the attacks. I believe it is as much the kids fault as it is the zoo's. The three men brought it upon themselves. The tiger was taunted, probably scared.

BUT, the Zoo did have its faults because it should have assured that the tigers couldn't escape.

Paul is just searching for money from the SF Zoo and The City.

I hope the SF Zoo has a good lawyer, Paul is just a goldigger looking for money to pay his other court dues.

Send him to jail.

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