Friday, April 25, 2008

"The black anger that so many whites fear"

And I'm not talking about Barack Obama

We all remember Reverend Jeremiah Wright, right? (haha)
The man who supposedly was Obama's spiritual counselor but who turned out to be an "unpatriotic" American? Well, if not here is video to refresh some memories...

but anyway, Obama was accused of hanging out with this man and therefore Obama also MAYBE had some "unpatriotic" views (I'm not sure I see the logic in this).

First of all, we live in a society in which one is not supposed to worry about what they publish, what they say or what they write. We have the freedom to speak our minds. This was put in place to prevent the government from violating our rights. Reverend Jeremiah Wright is the victim of character defamation through sound bites that keep on playing over and over (such as the video that I posted above). This portrays Wright as an unpatriotic black American. Who wants to be an unpatriotic American? That's almost worse than being a terrorist. This discourages Wright from wanting to speak again because who knows what the Media will portray him as next. We don't have to worry about the government degrading citizens anymore instead we have to worry about the Media.

But also, if you look at it from the other side, we can't put restriction on the people that work on the Media, because they also have the freedom to write,say or publish what they want.
Its a double edged sword.

Secondly, here is a video of Rev. Wright defending his words on the Bill Moyer Journal.

Honestly, when Wright isn't screaming he seems like he is a very calm person with great social skills. I figure since I put a video that portrays him negatively then I'll also put a video of him explain his actions.

Bottom line, however, is that I would not Judge Barack Obama by the actions of his pastor.

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