Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So the Olympic Torch has just arrived in San Francisco. 

I wish I could be there to 1.) see it and 2.) Battle it. Now, I'm not as crazy as some people (as in, I won't climb the Golden Gate Bridge to put up a sign to free Tibet) but I would probably attend the rally. Anyway, the rally which brought out 1500 people in San Francisco was amazing (according to some freinds I have in the City and the newspaper as well :p). 

I know enough about Tibet and China to realize that Tibet should be a free country. China has fucked up with Tibet and people around the world are correct in their views to ban the Olympic Games in Beijing this year. I mean, you can't kill people because they don't agree with your views.... especially if they are monks. Monks don't hurt anybody. 

The People's Republic of China is fucked up.... someone tell them that equality is good but communism is far too extreme. It works in theory but it doesn't work in reality. The U.N. should seriously speak about this and bring it up. This is a serious manner and if it was me, I would stop the Torch completely (even though, I do understand that it is a very cool tradition--and even I expressed interest in seeing it) because it would send a message to China.

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