Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain has only 13 years until he dies!

Well according to UK Times Online, Republican Presidential hopeful, John McCain, only has 13.1 years left to live until he dies.

So why is this a big deal?

McCain is only going to be president for 4 years if he wins the election, maybe even 8 years if he gets two terms (God forbid....knock on wood) But the issue at hand is whether or not he healthy enough to take on the responsibilities as president of the United States. The possibility of him suffering some age related illness/problem is very high. What if he gets dementia? What if he develops a case of Alzheimer? It's kind of sad but the it is the truth and we have to face reality. He says that he is OK and that age won't be a problem but there is no definite way to know whether or not he will be healthy enough to be president.

I'm honestly not writing this to degrade McCain or to discourage people from voting for him, I just want people to realize that it is the truth.

If McCain does win the election this coming November and he gets inaugurated the following January then he will be the oldest president to take the office in the history of the United States.

According to an article on McCain's age, published by, " It isn't [McCain's] health but rather his demeanor that worries some people. The Iraq war, which he strongly supports, has disturbed and dismayed him." The article states that McCain may be physically healthy but it would be unwise to say that he is also 100% mentally healthy. He has been through so much torture as a POW. There is no way any human can recuperate to full mental capabilities when they have gone through that type torture. There's just no way.

When McCain was asked by a high school student whether or not he could die in office because of his age. McCain almost got offended and replied, "Thanks for the question, you little jerk."

All I hope is that, if McCain does win the presidency, he is physically/mentally....even spiritually prepared to be President of the United States of America.

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