Thursday, April 10, 2008

John McCain.....a dumbass.

Who is going to stay in war for 100 years. I'm not and I really hate this guy. He is just a warmonger whose life has been shaped by everything and anything having to do with war. I honestly don't care for McCain, all I know is that if he elected president than the US would definitely be heading the wrong direction. I don't get good vibes from this guy at all, makes me think of the type of people that support him.

He grew up in a military environment and spent his years as a child following his father's military career. There are also reports of him being violent when he was a child.

He is also a liar. He flip flops on many issues such as gay marriage.

Plus he is really old. I mean, not to be discriminating or generalizing old people but they are usually less attentive that people that are not so old.


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