Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rice: a woman who can't recognize an important opportunity if it slapped her face

So we all know that former president Jimmy Carter has talked to Hamas, the terrorist group from the middle east that has closed the Gaza Strip. Rice told carter to stay away from them because it would make it seem like the U.S. was dealing with terrorist groups. She says that U.S. should never deal with any people like that.

The problem, however, is that Carter received very important information regarding the fighting going on against Israel. Hamas told Carter that they would accept to end the fighting with Israel and would conform to live next to Israel BUT they would never view Israel as its own country. This is very important information, but Rice seems like she is ignoring this info because it came out of the terrosit leader's mouth.

What the hell is she on? She says that she will only accept information from the elected president not any terrorist leaders. She has decided to recieve information from a third party (in this case the president) than take inormation directly from the people doing the fighting. It's unbeliavble to think that she would allow this and why? Why won't she take the info. from the Hamas leader or Carter? Because she thinks it will make the U.S. look bad, dealing with terrosits....who knows it may even taint the U.S.'s reputation.

First of all, the U.S.'s reputation has been out of the door since Britain left the War on terror. The United States's persistence(if that's what people want to call it) by staying in Iraq hasn't made the world view the U.S. as a determined and confident country. Rather, it has made us look more like stupid and arrogant people. So Rice has no worries that the U.S. rep. will be tainted because it has already been tainted.

Secondly, she is probably just following orders from Bush to not deal with terrorist under any circumstances. She is listening to Bush...enough said.

Why can't she just deal with these people and perhaps we can achieve peace faster and in the easy manner rather than take the long route?

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