Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bradley Effect.....or the Obama Effect?

We all know that Obama and Clinton are at each others neck's right now. Obama's campaign, however, may be hurt by something more important and disturbing than the criticism he is currently receiving. The effect has been called the Bradley effect. According to Speigel Online International this effect was first experienced when Tom Bradley, the former mayor of Los Angeles, ran for California Governor. Bradley was the front-runner throughout this political race but he eventually lost on election day.

According to an article in Speigel Online International:

"the term, [The Bradley Effect] has been used to denote a serious shift in voter preferences caused by racial prejudice against a candidate -- prejudice that voters would never admit openly, but then express in all secrecy in the voting booth."

What does this all mean? This to me says that there is still some racism in the U.S., not open racism that shown in public but what I would call, "Hidden Racism." Nobody wants to be called a racist, so people keep their mouths shut and may even claim to support Obama. But, in reality, they would never vote for Obama, not because he has bad political views, not because he is inexperienced or any other reason, but solely because he is black American.

This has got to be one of America's biggest weakness. The fact that we can not overcome racism. There should be no reason a candidate loses simply because he is black or brown or yellow or whatever. I'm not a big fan of Obama but I think it's ridiculous. The persisting issue of race in "the melting pot," that is America, makes this country seem dishonorable and disgraceful. How can a country that prides itself on diversity and calling itself a "melting pot of all cultures" not vote for black man simply because of his skin color?

I believe this is the last step to completely eradicate racism in the U.S. Those who live in the U.S. believing that race is not an issue, are living in their own arrogant world.

This is simply ridiculous and unacceptable.


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