Monday, May 5, 2008

Hispanic..time to panic.

So the Hispanic vote in Florida is changing, drastically. According to

"For the first time, the number of Hispanic Democrats in the state is expected to exceed the number of Hispanic Republicans. "

Florida, which has a predominantly republican Hispanic/Latino community, is changing. Most Latinos in the U.S. vote Democratic but some Latinos, especially those from Florida, vote Republican. Why is this? Why is it that Hispanic/Latino Floridans vote Republican? Florida has a large Cuban community. Almost all Cubans will vote and do vote Republican. Cubans' experience dealing with a communist government has made them feel distrust against big governments. Democrats tend to favor big government and Republicans tend to favor small governments. The bottom line: Republicans' view on government is least like the Communist views and therefore those people fleeing Cuba will vote Republican.

But these days, the Democratic support for the presidency has increased dramatically and it almost completely surpassed the Republican support for presidency. I believe the reason for this change is BUSH. He made many mistakes in government that it made the Republican party seem unattractive. The real reason is still uknown but we will find out eventually.

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Frida said...

Hillary is appealing to the latino/hispanic community by airing a lot of her speeches and adds in spanish and appointing latino consultants -- smart lady. the dems may be more appealing as a whole too...