Thursday, May 29, 2008

White Woman don't like Obama?

No they don't.

According to, "Barack Obama’s favorability ratings among white women have significantly depreciated in recent months, particularly among Democrats and independents, posing an immediate obstacle for the likely Democratic nominee as he moves to shore up his party’s base."

This isn't good for Obama.


  • 36% White Woman viewed Obama unfavorably
  • 56% White Woman has a favorable view of Obama
  • 49% White Woman view Obama unfavorably
  • 43% White Woman had a favorable view of Obama
Whats happening Barack? Where did you drop the ball?

What's even more nerve-racking is this, "White women as a whole now prefer John McCain over Obama, by 49 to 41 percent. Last month Obama was ahead of McCain among white women, 49 to 46 percent." Politico is good at getting you to the edge of your seat.

Is Obama loosing his touch? I don't have any explanation for this, except for maybe the Bradley Effect, which I wrote about in a previous post.

Why do you think white woman are leaving the Obama boat?


Anonymous said...

because they're stupid?

Anonymous said...

The only reason we are seeing these numbers is because John McCain has been able to run virtually unopposed for the last couple of months. With Obama and Clinton trading shots day in and day out McCain has not been exposed for the war monger/bush groupie that he is. Once Obama/Clinton becomes the official candidate, the democratic party will have more time to drive the point home that electing McCain would be like giving Bush a third term, and as much as white women might not like Obama (supposedly), im going to assume that they will be more opposed to that idea than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Probably because of Obama's lack of novelty, combined with the media turning on him... they idolized him and gave him a nice cushion when he was the underdog, but now that he's the frontrunner they aren't going to baby him anymore and actually give him some fair treatment.

Also, there's a huge stink that can be raised about Obama's church... I just saw that they were back in the news with an anti-Clinton tirade being featured in its halls.

Anonymous said...

They probably think Obama is only good in debates. They could also be racist or they just go for the female, aka Hilary Clinton.