Friday, May 30, 2008

Where do I get my stories?

So some people have asked me where I get my stories. I go to many websites, but I mainly go to sites that combine political news from many sources across the U.S. and the world. Sometimes I get my news from the U.K. Times Online and Sometimes its more locals like LA Times or SF Chronicle.

Below is a list of my favorite political websites:

The First two are really the main ones I use. is websites that searchs the internet for political news and then they present them to the visitor in one easy to use website. It links me to political news written by other sources.

You can't really read it, but if you look closely I highlighted the different news sources that brings together.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Those are all good sites for info. You ever read The Economist? It's a great magazine and gives you that european perspective.

Also - NY Times and Washington post are far better than the LA Times and the Sf Chronicle for covering US Politics.

(Carlos A)