Thursday, May 22, 2008

McCain: Binge then Purge

According to, McCain is bitting the hand that feeds him. What I mean, is that McCain went on a Lobbyist Binge last August when his campiagn almost crashed due to lack of funding and organization. The lobbyist, in a heroic fashion, came swinging their money swods and killing of the debt that was plaguing the McCain campaign. McCain thanked them very much now he is on a lobbyist purge. He is going the way of non-lobyyist-grassroots-capaign similar to Barack Obama. First off, I congratulate him on his efforts in trying to dismantale his ties with lobbysit. But at this point, he has taken so much money and he owes so much to lobbyist that his actions will only hurt his campaign. I'm not sure what McCain plans to do with the lack of money which he will no longer receive. Maybe he believes that he doesn't have to campaign anymore since he has won the republican nomination. I still don't see, however, how this will help McCain's campaign.

Even if McCain tries as much as he can to raise money like Obama, he won't be ablt to raise as much as Obama. Obama will still run circles around McCain. It will be very interesting to see how McCain campaign will be different when he is running in the general election. Will he be more aggresive? Less funded?

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