Thursday, May 29, 2008

Redrawing the Political Map of the U.S.

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My favorite newspaper, The San Francisco Chronicle, has stated that Obama is riding the "Swing Election" wave. This year, compared the the last presidential election is very different. 12 states that were republicans may switch and become democratic. Some of those states are very surprising. Florida (Which I wrote about in a previous blog) and Ohio were won by Bush in 2004 yet it seems like those states may possibly vote Democrat.

The reason, which I stated in a previous blog, that many states are switching is due to record breaking number of people voting Democrat. Many people have switched from being Republican to becoming Democrat and many more apathetic Democrats are voting. They learned that apathy sucks. Thank you George Bush.

But here may be other reason that America may be turning to the Democratic Party:

  • Increase in younger voters
  • Increase in the Latino Vote (Which votes mostly Democratic)
  • Afr.-Americans (who already vote overwhelmingly Democratic) may come out to vote in larger numbers
Whatever the reason may be, I'm glad its happening.

Click here to go to the article in the San Francisco Chronicle

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