Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why are so many Democrats voting?

So many more Democrats, than Republicans have hit the polling booths and voted. Record numbers to be exact. But why suddenly so many people voting? Especially Democrats?

Democrats learned something with the current president. Probably President Bush's biggest accomplishment without even trying. Democrats learned that if they don't vote the consequences can and will be dire. G.W.B has become such a big failure as a president that it has actually encouraged Democrats to vote. According to another blog, "Apathy, Not Ignorance elected George Bush." Democrats and America don't want another George Bush.

Here are some example of voter turnout by states and by parties:

5,066,993 (Democrats)
2,932,811 (Republicans

New York:
1,891,143 (Democrats)
670,078 (Republicans)

even Florida, which has voted Republicans for the last few years, almost had more Democrats that Republicans vote.

1,734,456 (Democrats)
1,924,346 (Republicans)

(To see Voter Turnout for the Primaries/Caucuses that have passed and are going to pass click here

Here is a great video detailing how Florida Democrats made an impact:

You may be wondering why I'm writing about the Florida Primary now, but I just found it interesting all of the sudden and I also came to some realizations, which I stated above. Plus, its relevant to my topic, even though it was a while back when they voted.


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