Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mexico Refuses U.S. Aid?

Has the U.S., once again, destroyed relations with another country? It sure seems like it. Mexico is in a Drug War, doing the best they can to try and stop the drug smuggling into the United States. It's in a war that will benefit both countries:

Mexico: will get control,Drug Lords won't rule cities or states and the citizens of those cities/states, will be safer.

U.S.: Drug Importation/trafficking from Mexico will at least be reduced if not completely stopped and U.S. border towns will see less drug cartel violence.

The benefits are great for the Unites States.Mexico is the no. 1 importer of illegal drugs into the United States, now imagine if all those drugs coming into the U.S. were reduced or completely halted. The U.S. would certainly benefit from Mexico winning a successful drug war.

What the U.S. media doesn't portray or show on T.V., is the insane amount of weapons that are smuggled into Mexico. Weapons are easier to buy in the U.S. and many of the weapons the Drug Cartels use are actually American. So Mexico needs U.S. help to stop the smuggling of weapons from U.S. to Mexico

So, anyway, Mexico has asked the U.S. for monetary help to aid in the fight against drugs and drug cartels. Mexico asked for $500 Million USD and President George Bush agreed. That money would be used for buying military equipment and resources needed to continue a war.

But how has the U.S. destroyed another opportunity to work together with Mexico?

When the proposed bill went to congress it was changed and amended in such a way that Mexico no longer wants the U.S. help. Not only was the total amount--that Mexico will receive--drastically reduced but "strings" were also attached. The total amount Mexico would recieve went from $500 Million to $50 Million USD. On top of that the U.S. has to "certify" Mexico before it gives them money:

  • The U.S. wants proof that Mexico is not violating human rights
  • The U.S. wants Mexico to go through a Judicial Reform
according to an Article in the Dallas Morning News, "Mexico considered certification a violation of its sovereignty. " Mexico just wants unconditional aid in the Drug War.

Political Commentator, Ricardo Aleman said, "First you reduce the amount, and then you put on conditions, so why don't you just keep your money"

Mexico would rather not have the U.S. help in fighting the Drug War if it means that the U.S. will "stick their noses" in other non-related Mexican affairs?


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Anonymous said...

No! Mexico should not accept U.S. aid. With all the strings and stupid rules given by the congress the U.S is not really providing help, is ridiculous to accept the money. This problem by the way has to be on the hand of the U.S. because its his border too, Felipe Calderon is doing quite enough for both countries. In the mean time Bush is still thinking how to close the border and lose a friend (MEXICO). Im just waiting until Bush is out! ^-^