Friday, May 23, 2008

Bumper Sticker: Obama-Clinton 08

Imagine if Obama and Clinton pick each other as running mates. In other words, if Obama looses but Hillary chooses him as her Vice-president and vice versa. Imagine that!

What would that do to our country and more specifically the Democratic Party. It seems to me that, lately, the Democratic Party has been divided over Obama and Clinton. This is troubling because the divided Democratic Party will face a united and cohesive Republican Party. "United we Stand, Divided we fall." I believe that if there are any hopes for the unification of the Democratic Party by the time November comes around, then it lies with whoever is chosen as the Democratic nominee. I still stand behind Hillary, but honestly I don't think she has much hope left for her to win. If both Clinton and Obama make it to the DNC then she will definitely lose. The DNC won't shoose a candidate who has fewer votes, if they do then how democratic is that? (Then again, Bush did win in 2000 even though he didn't have the popular vote.)

Obama needs to choose Hillary as his running mate.

According to the New York Times, "The growing discussion about a ticket of Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton is largely being fueled by Clinton supporters, although it is a suggestion that Obama supporters do not dismiss. "

Dianne Fienstien, a supporter of Hillary has also supported this idea.Click here to read an Article in the San Francisco Chronicle


Justin said...

uh... I would not choose Hillary as Obama's running mate. It's like asking for a political suicide imo. You got Hillary who's funded by lobbyists and Obama who's funded by the people. It would be a conflict of interests, it would turn a lot of voters off if someone like hillary paired with obama.

The polls show that if Obama went up against McCain he'd win. If Hillary was Obama's vice president, I just see a democratic Dick Cheney because she's funded by lobbyists it would completely destroy Obama's mantra of a "new kind of politics"

just my two cents... btw nice blog alex lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I would agree with the previous post. Yes, the Polls show Obama beating McCain in the general election. But they also show Hillary beating McCain.

In Time Magazine Article written last February, titled "Why Not Both?" 439 registered Democrats were asked:

1.)Would you want Hillary Clinton to choose Barack Obama as her running mate? 62% said Yes. And 55% agreed that it would help her chances at the getting the presidency.

2.) Would you want Barack Obama to choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate? 51% said Yes. And 38% agreed that it would help his chances at winning the presidency.

Although I wish the sample amount of people asked was at least 1,000, these results can't be denied or ignored. Especially when we realize that it was taken less than 4 months ago.

nice blog. :p

Anonymous said...

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