Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's worse racism or sexism?

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The most interesting article popped up in the First, not only was the article poorly written but it also made false accusations. It did, however, bring up a point which I have argued before. But before I get to that let me first explain the article.

Mark Steyn, the author, is a conservative writer from Canada. He wrote an article today titled, "Sexism, not Obama, beat Hillary." I clicked on the link to read the article but then I quickly regretted my decision. By the title you would think that the article would be based on sexism in U.S. politics and more specifically the 2008 election. At first it was, but then his writing had nothing to do with his title. He completely went off topic. At one point he wrote,

"As a general rule, large numbers of excitable lads who can't get any action are not a recipe for societal stability. Unless the Japanese have invented amazingly lifelike sex robots by then (think Austin Powers' "fembots"), we're likely to be in a planetwide rape epidemic and a world of globalized, industrial-scale sex slavery."

When did the topic become "Asian Sexuality." Go ahead, click on the article, I didn't take it out of context.

The title also states that Hillary lost the election. I checked 5 minutes ago, Hillary is still in the race.

Anyway, aside from the article being poorly written it did make me think. What's worse Sexism or Racism?

I once believed that sexism was worse than racism, but then I believed that racism was worse than sexism. I've always known one thing. Sexism and Racism are both damn horrible and have no place in society.

If Hillary loses than I can guarantee that someone in the U.S. will say, "She lost because sexism still exists in the U.S.?" AND
If Obama loses than I can also guarantee that someone will say, "He lost because racism still exists in the U.S.?"

What I'm trying to get at is this: Which of the two presidential candidates have had more challenges? Obama because he is black or Hillary because she is a woman?

African-Americans have faced the problem of racism for decades and to have Obama run for president is amazing. But Woman have also faced their share of problems, let's remember that woman received suffrage after black men did, but they weren't, however, slaves.

For Steyn to say, "Sexism, not Obama, beat Hillary" is to completely ignore the fact that Obama is black. If Obama was white then he may have a point, but Obama is black. I could easily write an article titled, "Racism, not Hillary, beat Obama."

so what do you think. Honestly.

Which of the two presidential candidates faces more campaign challenges due to the history of race/sex in America? Obama because he is black or Hillary because she is a woman?


Anonymous said...

They are both pretty bad regardless if you think about it.

People should have equal opportunities regardless of race or sex. Obama is my homeboy though.

Anonymous said...

The nation is more ready for a black man than a woman in the oval office. That is the truth and it is reflected by the current results.

Anonymous said...

Both face the same challenges, so the same opportunities. Race and Gender has always been a factor since the begining of this campaing. Sincerely is up to the candidates to shape their image for society, either a women or a black men wins regaless, there will be people against that. ^-^