Monday, April 14, 2008

McCain is screwed....

So McCain may be screwed. Why? Well He may have violated a contract that he got himself into when he accepted matching funds.

For those of you who don't know what matching funds are, they are like a type of loan. A presidential candidate accepts matching funds when he/she can't raise enough money to run their campaign. It is usually never good for presidential candidates to make matching funds because it shows that they are incompetent to in running a self-sustaining campaign, much less a country. Anyway, a candidate is given money from the government to run their campaign but they are bound by certain rules that limits how much money they can spend on their campaign.

According to McCain took $6,000,000.00 from a loan and was therefore obliged to spend no more than $54 million on his campaign. According to McCain however, he didn't take the funds because he knew he was limited. He says that he was not bound by the contract of mathing funds. He did, however, receive other benefits that come from matching funds--such as automatic ballot acces, according to Howard Dean.

So, the Democratin National Committe has filed a lawsuit against the FEC to investigate to see if McCain violated any contract.

If McCain did violate a contract of matching funds:
all his campaigning would be ordered to stop and it may jeopardize his chances at the presidency

If McCain didn't violate a contract of matching funds:
Then he continous with his spending and campaigning.

Hopefully, the courts rule that he did take the matching funds. Like i said in my previous post, McCain would ruin the U.S. because he is a mentally unfit warmonger...enough said.

Read full story the McCain/Matching Funds scandal.

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