Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama has been owned......

So after bombardment by the media and Obama's "people" telling Hillary to drop out because she had fallen too far behind, Hillary makes a triumphant comeback.

Suprisingly, Obama has lost the Pennsylvania Primary to the Hillary Clinton.

What does Clinton's win symbolize for the Democrats and what does that mean for John McCain?

Clinton's win against Obama symbolizes to America that Hillary is still very much a contender for winning the Democratic Presidential Nominee. This symbolizes that the Democratic Party is more divided between Obama and Hillary than we thought. I personally thought that Hillary was done in Pennsylvania but she ended up winning. If she wins again in either Indiana or N. Carolina then Obama campgain and the rest of the nation have to start viewing Hillary as a contender. I congratulate Hillary for continuing to fight even when the media publishes nothing but negative news. This division within the Democratic Party is only hurting the chances of a Democrats winning the presidency.

Meanwhile, John McCain is sitting in a big comfy chair somewhere, doing Republican things and laughing at the Democrats. He is only benefiting from the quarrel between Obama and Hillary, while his party is united and they support McCain (whether by choice or by default). Someone has to give this next election and one democratic nominee needs to drop out. The Democratic Party has to be united when they go into the general election, hopefully we achieve this unification sooner than later.

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