Monday, April 21, 2008

Gallup Poll: Reasons the public won't vote for Clinton, Obama or McCain

So with the Pennsylvania Primary just around the corner...well tomorrow! I been asking some of my friends who they think is the worst candidate and what are their weaknesses. 

Luckily for me, Gallup Poll did a study on what the reasons are that Democrats choose one candidate over another or why they won't vote for McCain. 

The battle between Obama and Clinton seems more personal (Obama's arrogance and "bitter" comments against Hillary's lies and deceit) than  the battle between McCain and the Democratic rivals. But what else is expected? McCain is the Republican nominee and there is no need to get into personal arguments when there is a ton of partisan-related arguments. I'm sure that when the Democratic party decides who their nominee will be then the personal arguments will calm down for a little until they are revisited once the partisan-related arguments have exhausted. Then we'll see what dirt each candidate will throw at each other.

As for right now, we are still waiting to see who our Democratic nominee will be.....Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary ,Obama  

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Anonymous said...

I still believe that if Hillary and Obama keep throwing mud back and ford is gonna hurt the democratic party. At this point they need to focus more on their agenda rather than bitter comments and their past. But again its just my opinion. ^-^