Monday, April 7, 2008

Clinton is going down....

So I'm going to be honest. I supported Clinton 100% when the Presidential race began. I believe that she has a lot of experience (and I still don't doubt that she is more experienced the Barack) but the truth is the her campaign is going down the drain and I'm not going to be complaining if Obama wins the presidency.

From the get-go I believed that Clinton was a brilliant person and speaker that would correctly represent the country. Lately, however, it seems to me like Obama is the better nominee. Am I a turncoat? Maybe, but that isn't the issue at hand. There are many issues that--to me-- hint at the possibility of Clinton losing the Presidency. Before I get into more details, we have to realize that Clinton has been in the political world longer than Obama so it is only normal if there is more dirt on Clinton than Obama. But Anyway, onto the reasons which I think Clinton will lose.

1.) Lying. Clinton was caught lying about ther trip to Bosnia in 1996. She exagerated about the danger. She said she was being shot at from all angles, in reality she calmly walked out of the airplane she was on. Recently, she was also caught lying telling a story of a pregnant woman who died, along with the unborn child, due to the her uninsured status and because she couldn't pay for the healthcare. The truth was, however, that the woman did, in fact, have insurance and the hospital did take care of her but she died of further complications.                                                                                                                                                                    2.) Negative Publicity. Lately Clinton has been the victim of a political witchhunt in the presidential race. Everywhere you look there are negative ads about HIllary, nothing positive. I believe these ads will be repeated alot before elections causing people to vote for Obama.

Funny Video of Hillary Clinton's in Bosnia(Thank You Prof. Lobdell)

Bosnia Story:

Pregnancy Death Story:

Click to see how many delegates each candidate has.

It's tough right now for Hillary. Her odds of winning the Presidency are similar to the odds of the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series.

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